Express Entry

With effect from 1st January 2015, Canadian Government has introduced a new process for selection of skilled professionals and tradespersons wishing to immigrate to Canada and live and work in Canada as a permanent Resident. The new Canada skilled immigration selection process introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and called Express Entry to Canada has generated a lot of excitement and rightfully so. this is landmark change and opens door for immigration to Canada for interested Candidates like never before.

Provincial Nominee Program

There are basically two schemes for immigration to Canada for the trained experts & businessmen, namely, Federal and Provincial. Close-to every province & territory in the nation has the right, via Canada Provincial Nominee Programs to nominate people so that the latter can successfully immigrate to the nation. These individuals have the necessary capability, education, & employment experience to play a crucial part in a given province's or territory's economy.

With a view to submit a submission, through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the candidates should, among others:

Quebec Immigration

The amazingly beautiful and well-known Canadian province of Quebec, located in the east-central part of the nation, is the sole Canadian province which has a largely French-speaking populace even as French is its only official language at the provincial stage.

For those keen to migrate to the Maple Country for employment, business or study purposes, Quebec immigration would be the best choice.

Dependent Visa

Common-Law Partner Visa

As per the Common-Law Partner visa, Canadian citizens and permanent Canadian residents are entitled to sponsor their common-law partner and (eligible) dependent children. This visa permits the applicants to be sponsored if they have been residing with their qualifying Canadian partners for one (1) year or more in a continuing relationship with an intention to live together in Canada.

Dependent Children Visa

Since, Canada encourages family reunification, the Dependent Children visa entitles Canadian citizens and permanent Canadian residents to apply to sponsor their or their partner's dependent or adopted children. The Children sponsored should be dependent on the sponsors.

Business Visa

The Canada Business Immigration Category of visas was designed to attract experienced business people to Canada. Successful candidates are those who can invest in Canada, start businesses in Canada and generate revenues and employment for Canadians.

Parents/ Grandparents Super Visa

Parental and Grandparental Sponsorship Visa

Canada promotes the concept of extended families. This visa allows Canadian citizens and permanent Canadian residents to apply to sponsor their parents and grandparents.

Visitors Visa/Tourist Visa

Canadian Travel / Visitor Visa

For applicants who intend to travel to Canada as tourists. The visitor visa or TRV (Temporary Resident Permit) are country specific and may be for single entry, multiple entry or transit purposes.

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